Perkiomen Crossing Homeowners Association

Spring 2018 Newsletter

Perkiomen Crossing

Homeowners Association Newsletter


Spring 2018


Board of Directors:

Ron DiFrancesco -- President

Kevin Vena -- Vice President

Jared Landis -- Secretary

Jessica Tomaselli -- Treasurer

Mike Chmela -- Member at Large


Continental Property Management -- Jim Hordis - Property Manager

975 Easton Road, Suite 102, Warrington PA 18976

Phone: (215) 343-1550        Fax: (215) 491-5620




HOA website:

Next Public Meeting

Tuesday, June 12th at 7:00 pm

Upper Frederick Township Building

Thank you to everyone that came out to the January Meeting.


Newsletter Update

This will be the last printed newsletter.  Going forward, all information will be posted on the HOA Website and/or Facebook page.


HOA Monthly Dues

Despite the numerous notices, there are still plenty of people paying older HOA monthly dues.  As a reminder, HOA monthly dues are $80.


Spring Inspection (Coming in May)

In an effort to maintain the homes in Perkiomen Crossing, the association does an inspection of the entire community in both the spring and fall.
Some of the items that we are looking for are:
1.       Algae which has formed on the siding
2.       Missing shutters, siding or trim
3.       Needed painting of the shutters, front doors or trim
4.       Weeds and dead bushes or plants in the mulch beds
5.       Needed deck repairs
6.       Miscellaneous items laying in the turf area
After the inspection, notices are sent to the homes that require some attention. Please take the time to review your own home and make the needed repairs or clean-up prior to receiving a notice.


Communication with Board of Directors

In the event you need to get ahold of the BOD, please reach out to Jim Hordis.  He will forward requests to the BOD. If you email Jim, you need to include your name and address.  Any anonymous emails or letters will not be addressed.


If you have an urgent need to reach out to the BOD after Continental Property normal hours, please still call CPM Main Phone Number.  They have an after hours emergency service.


Pet Waste Stations

Thank you to Ayden Edwards for volunteering his time as community service for the boy scouts towards emptying the waste stations on a weekly basis.  


We are looking for someone to step forward and assist us with this task.  If you or a family member is interested, please reach out to Jim Hordis.


Curbing your animal

It is the responsibility of each homeowner and any person who walks their pet (dog, cat, etc)  that has a pet to clean up after it does its business in the development. It is not fair to those that do not have a pet or those who do clean up after their animal.  Also, it is not good for the environment to not have it picked up. Going forward, any homeowner who is spotted not cleaning up after their pet will be charged a $50 fine.


Pets on Leashes

All pets must be on leashes when they are outside your residence.  This includes cats. Any animals seen around the development not on a leash will be picked up by the SPCA. Also any pets spotted without a leash on your property, the pet owner will be fined $50.


Bulk Item Pick up

There still seems to be confusion on when bulk pickup day is in the development.  It is the first Tuesday of every month.  You must call AJ Blosenski (800-343-6583) to schedule the pick of a large item with them.  If you do not call them, they will not pick up any large items on the curb.



Please make sure you sign up for our website, . We have been working on updating it and making it mobile friendly.  We will be updating residences on construction projects, rules and regulation changes and more on the site.  


HOA Dues

You can now pay your monthly dues via credit card on Continental's website.  Please visit for more information.  You can also set up auto payment on the website.  If you have any questions about auto pay, contact Jim Hordis.


HOA Dues Payment

If you are experiencing problems paying your HOA Dues, please reach out to Jim Hordis.  Homeowners needs to submit a written request if they wish to be on a payment plan indicating how much they are able to pay each month over and above the regular monthly assessment.


Water/Sewer Payment

Payments for your Water/Sewer Bill can be made on Upper Frederick Township website.  Please visit for more information.


Financial Update

The Association is currently owed $29,198.15 by residences in this community.  If you believe you owe money to the HOA, please reach out to Jim Hordis to make arrangements.


Monthly Assessment -- $12,870.06

Repair Assessment -- $641.94

Court Costs -- $3,147.36

Fine Assessment -- $10,177.00

Special Late Charge -- $115.00

Late Charge -- $1,484.15

NSF Charge -- $78.24

Special Assessment -- $684.40