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Good Afternoon Everyone,

  Thank you to all that came out last night and voiced their concerns. There are a few things the Board of Directors would like to address.  In reference to the storm, a lot of you have been waiting for siding decisions.  Here is what has been decided on:
Guida Homes - Certainteed Brand in Savannah Wicker Color
Fricker Homes - Certainteed Brand in Natural Clay
    - Fricker Homes are: Pin Oak Drive (minus 1206,1208,1210,1212,1214, and 1216)
    - Guida Homes are: Foxfield Drive, Pine Ridge Drive, Valley Stream Drive, Meadowbrook Drive
Ryan Homes -- Alcoa Product, color must be submitted with sample.  There are quite a few different siding colors on the Ryan Homes so the colors with a sample need to be submitted for approval.
  - Ryan Homes are: Westview Drive, Ash Way, Hunter Lane, Glennwood Drive and 1206,1208,1210,1212,1214, and 1216 Pin Oak Drive
As far as a time frame for repairs to get done, we have decided to start with September.  We realize that this is a big financial burden for a lot of the residents.  If you are not able to complete it by September, we do understand but we ask that you submit something in writing to the Board of Directors.

Roof repairs:

A request needs to be submitted to Jim before having your roof replaced.  The required brands/colors can be found on the website.  If you are simply replacing a couple of shingles that came off, you do not need to submit a request as long as the contractor is matching the current brand/color.

A suggestion for all residents with storm damage – know your insurance policy.  Just because your company tells you “no” when you call them, doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t cover it, you just need to do some extra work.  You can get a public adjuster involved who will act as a go-between.  You can also get an insurance advocate who will speak on your behalf.  Push that you are part of an HOA and we have architectural standards that need to be met.


Going forward, color changes are not going to be permitted.  Every homeowner is to match the original color.  There are many homes in the development that have changed colors without permission – they are not to be used as the standard. 


Immediately after the storm, the board had Fine Lawns cut down any tree that was damaged, regardless of location and ownership, for safety reasons.  If the tree was on common property, Fine Lawns will be removing the stump.  If the tree that was cut is on your property, you are responsible for removing the stump.  You do not need the approval to remove the stump.  You do not need the approval to return that area to grass.  You do, however, need approval if you want to plant a new tree in its place.  Please email Jim if you notice loose branches dangling in the trees so they can be removed.


There was public concern regarding the amount of the trash and debris on some properties in the development.  The recommendation was made that residents should call the Board of Health about these specific properties.  The board is unable to call on your behalf.

Paving/Seal Coating:

Pin Oak is being paved next month.  All residents on Pin Oak should have received a letter in the mail.  The project is expected to begin on July 8th, weather dependent.  The plan is for the lower end of Pink Oak to Hunter to be done on days 1 and 2, and for the upper end to Hunter to be done on days 3 and 4.  The expectation is that residents will be able to park on Pin Oak each night beginning around 5-6pm.  Again, this is weather dependent and may change.

Hunter and Glenwood will be seal coated.  Dates will be forthcoming.

As each street is refinished, the parking lines will be extended from the current 18-inches to 4-feet.  The visitor spaces will also be labeled as such.

Trash Cans:

The board will be discussing at the next meeting the guidelines for trash cans and their placement on properties.

Parking Issues:

If vehicles are parked illegally (ie. Parallel along the curbs) please send a message to the board.  There is no guarantee they will be able to respond out to assess the situation, but they will do their best.

Contacting the Board:

The website has been having some issues with the “contact us” link.  It is asked that if you send a message and/or picture through the website, to also send the HOA Facebook page a message – you do not have to go into detail in both, simply stated that you sent a message through the website.  The only way the board learns that there is an issue with the website or the contact link is if someone speaks up.  As a reminder, DO NOT send individual board members Facebook messages.

Architectural Committee:

The Board of Directors has been looking to get this committee started back up for some time but has never had enough interest.  Based on the meeting last night there are quite a few people that are interested.  Please email your information to Jim Hordis.  The Architectural Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors.  They can not approve or deny requests and can not make any changes to any bylaws.

Bulk Item Pickup

It is the first Tuesday of every month.  You must call AJ Blosenski (800-343-6583) to schedule the pick of a large item with them.  If you do not call them, they will not pick up any large items on the curb.


ACCEPTABLE ITEMS: Sofa, loveseat, recliner, furniture, 12x12 carpet/padding (cut and rolled in 3 ft. lengths), grills (remove propane tanks), push mowers (remove liquids), etc. 
UNACCEPTABLE ITEMS: Hazardous waste, construction debris, metal appliances, covered electronics, automobile parts or tires, miscellaneous bulky, heavy items, mattress/box spring set. Please schedule these items in advance through our Special Pick-up department for an additional charge. 
Special Note: we required MATTRESSES & BOXSPRINGS to be pre-scheduled at a cost of $50.00 per item. Additionally, we require these items are wrapped in plastic prior to placing curbside. Please schedule a special pick-up for these items through our  Special Pick-up form.
IMPORTANT SERVICE NOTICE: Please place trash and recycling materials out the night prior to your day of service so we may guarantee collection. Please do not place any items that are not to be discarded within (10) ft. of your trash or recycling. We cannot distinguish what is valuable and we will not be responsible if these items are removed. 
Residents may contact us directly to schedule our Special Pick-up Service for unacceptable bulk items. We require a 48 hour notice and provide SPU Service each Thursday. We accept credit card, check, cash or money order as payment for this service. Please visit our website at for more information. 

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