Perkiomen Crossing Homeowners Association


April 13th BOD Meeting: Link

Redacted Minutes

Perkiomen Crossing Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Location:  Via Zoom Call

Date:  Tuesday, April 13, 2021


1. Call to Order: 7PM

2. Roll Call:  Jim Hordis, Jared Landis, Christa Ellsesser, Ashley Roche, and Sean Frisco

3.  Approval of Minutes 3/9/2021:  Approved

  1.  Board discussed sending e-blasts periodically to check the HOA Facebook Page & Website for minutes 

  2. Only a certain number of of e-blasts can be sent per month

  3. Minutes are not coming out nicely on the website 

    1. Options to improve will be looked at

    2. Possibly adding as PDFs

5.  Resident letter - drones

  1. Drones are not an HOA matter - the FAA would be the authority on drones/regulations

    1. Drones should be registered with the FAA

7.  Trash Cans

  1.  Spring Newsletters will mention trash can rules

  2. HOA will discuss this in Open Forum

8.  Valley Stream Drive Asphalt & Concrete - invoice approval

  1.  Sean asked if the parking spot striping was correct - they seemed short

    1. Jim will check to see if they are 4ft as detailed in the contract

    2. Jim will also ask the handyman to label visitor spots that were missed

  2. Invoice approval

    1. Concrete- approved

    2. Paving - once checked, it can be approved

9.  New Sign Installation

  1.  The township has asked that we mark where we want the street sign for Buck Road

  2. They told Jared for Perk Crossing to pick  

  3. This is for the upper entrance not lower

  4. A stake or spray paint will be used to indicate HOA preference

10.  Annual Meeting 6/8/2021:

  1.  Notice for elections needs to go out 1 month - to 1 and a half months in advance

  2. Residents should be muted 

  3. Questions will need to be submitted ahead of time 

    1. Residents will send them in advance to Jim

    2. This will be noted on the 2nd notice that goes out with the ballot

  4. HOA Board will need:

    1. 1 link for the HOA Board to have a meeting

    2. 1 link for the annual meeting 

      1. If possible, HOA board would like to have co-host privileges to start the meeting, mute, and control the Zoom meeting

12.  Open Forum

  1. Cars in the grass

    1. During recent paving, residents were parking vehicles in common areas on the grass

    2. Weekends residents are parking in the grass

    3. Any damage to association property caused by residents, visitors, tenants, should be repaired at the owner’s expense 

    4. Action:  this will be addressed in the Spring Newsletter

  2. Spring Newsletter

    1. Residents will be reminded to freshen paint every so often 

    2. Residents will also be reminded to maintain weeds, remove algae from siding

    3. Spring Inspections will be forthcoming (end of May/early June)

  3. Paint Colors

    1. When decided upon, a letter will be sent to residents, it will be posted on the HOA Website, & HOA Facebook page.  

    2. Some houses have different shutter & door colors

    3. HOA will need to get a list of paint codes from:

      1. Lowes 

      2. Home Depot

      3. Ace Hardware

      4. Willow House

    4. It was suggested that a guide for local companies who would paint shutters be utilized on resident HOA Facebook group - the companies would not be sponsored in any way by the HOA (in addition to plumbers, cleaners, etc).

  4. Fine Lawns:

    1. First mow is scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday, April 14th)

    2. A message will be posted on the HOA Facebook page reminding residents to move trash cans, solar lights, lawn ornaments, toys etc. from the lawns

      1. Solar lights, garden flags, and other similar items must not be in the turf

      2. These items must be in a mulch bed

  5. Parking Concerns

    1. Residents should be reminded to follow HOA procedures when people park in their spot

    2. Following this protocol will work, if residents use it

      1. See HOA website for parking space violation form

      2. Residents should notify Jim of parking issues 

    3. Following the protocol also serves as documentation for repeated issues.  If the parking space violations are not submitted, there is no formal documentation to support claims for repeated parking violations.

  6.  Waste Stations

    1. More bags are needed

    2. Volunteers are continuing to collect waste station bags on a schedule

  7. Hydrant Flushing

    1. The township said April 15th hydrants would be flushed (this will be checked first)

    2. Jared will send an eblast regarding hydrant flushing

    3. Del Val paving - should they be using our hydrants?

  8. Del Val concrete/paving work:

    1. Jim will ask for adequate notice from Del Val to provide since the 3 spots on Westview Drive are visitor spots and to let residents on Glenwood (1 house) know about the work

      1. Jim has already been in contact with the Glenwood residents

      2. Signs will be posted and residents will will be notified of the work

13.  Next Meeting:  May 11, 2021 at 7PM via Zoom

14.  Adjournment.