Perkiomen Crossing Homeowners Association


Perkiomen Crossing Homeowners Association
Homeowner’s Annual Election Meeting
Location: Via Zoom Call
Date: Tuesday, June 14, 2022
1. Call to Order
2. Board Introductions
  a. Jared Landis (president)
  b. Jessica Tomaselli (vice president)
  c. Christa Ellsesser (treasurer)
  d. Ashley Roche (secretary)
  e. Sean Frisco (member at large - not in attendance)
3. Candidate statements
  a. Rick Kawano:
   i. seeking an open position on the Perk Crossing Board of Directors
   ii. Has experience on HOA board at prior residence
   iii. They are seeking a replacement for him currently
   iv. He understands board and aims to maintain standards on Board of Directors
  b. Ashley Roche:
   i. Seeking re-election for 2nd term
   ii. Has served as a board member through the pandemic & an increase in home values
   iii. Participated in decisions to improve the aesthetics in the community
   iv. Special Ed teacher in the area
 c. 3rd Open Position
  i. Write-in votes were in for Jessica Tomaselli as discussed in BOD meeting
   1. Jessica was nominated during the open meeting and seconded
  ii. A write-in was submitted during the meeting for Joshua Kervick during the open meeting
  iii. Election results will be announced on the community facebook page - a quorum has been reached
  iv. The Board of Directors decided to accept all votes and write-in candidates that were sent in past the June 13th deadline
4. Board of Director’s Message
 a. Mailbox replacements are in process for Hunter, Foxfield, Pine Ridge, and Pin Oak this year.
 b. Paving of Hunter and concrete work totaling approximately $150,000 will be completed
 c. Trash collection -
  i. AJ Blosenski requested an $800 service fee for diesel fuel when prices are above $4 a gallon. Continental talked them down to $500
  ii. Current costs for trash removal are $14 a month per home (2x a week trash & 1 recycle)
    1. Going rate with other vendors is starting at $35 (not likely 2x per week)
    2. Costs of trash removal are significantly rising - when the current contract is up, residents should expect an increase in the monthly assessment
 d. Fine Lawns and Gardens
  i. Concerns are addressed as Jim/ HOA Board receives them
  ii. ProMark was our contractor in the past - they weren’t always able to get to us in snow & are very close to the development
  iii. Fine Lawns has been the lowest bidder
    1. At times, Fine Lawns does not bill us for certain things - they do them as favors to our community
    2. They also are able to complete different jobs around the development at a significant savings (will be helping with the mailbox project)
  iv. 1st mow of the season was postponed - the grounds were too wet - not because of Facebook comments
  v. Fine Lawns is a 3 year contract for lawn and snow - which expires Dec 2023 at which time bids will be sent out- there are very few companies that can provide
both snow and lawn & are close enough to get to the neighborhood in inclement weather
 e. Spring Inspections
  i. Mainly involved notices for shutters (see website for new color palette)
  ii. Algae continues to be an issue
  iii. Gardens needing weeding
f. Pine Ridge Rebuild
  i. Rebuilding process is going quickly
  ii. Resident indicated the team has been quick, the communication has been great (Jim acknowledged the communication from the crew as well)
 g. Board Approvals
  i. Used to only occur during monthly meetings
  ii. Now they happen quicker with HOA board emails to obtain approval
  iii. When requests are sent in, be sure to check for any follow up information needed
  iv. Keep in mind that the board is volunteer
h. Annual Meeting Questions
 a. Resident
  i. LED lighting - in discussion last year - prices increased - hold off
  ii. Electric vehicles - HOA will not be putting in parking stations - residents may not have extension cords crossing sidewalks
  iii. Sidewalks - addressed in recent bids
  iv. Fine Lawns- tree on Foxfield bend - order sent in March to Fine Lawns - will check on status
 b. Resident
  i. Why Zoom meetings? - more people able to attend
  ii. Why does Jim have to check with the board about a perimeter mow? It is in our contract - needs board approval
9. Open Forum
  a. Residents remove toys and equipment from lawns - not only is it unsightly, it creates issues for landscapers
  b. Keep edging, solar lights, flags, small stone, etc away from edges of mulch beds - this creates issues for line trimming and mowers
10. Adjournment